10 December, 2005

Solaris Performance Metrics

I've uploaded the first paper in a series I'm writing on Solaris performance monitoring metrics, it covers "disk utilisation by process" (AKA "utilization"). I've also created a website where the paper can be downloaded, and a cover photo,

... Which readers of Sun Performance and Tuning may find familiar. :-)

While writing freeware such as the DTraceToolkit, I'm often asked to explain the performance metrics I've choosen in greater detail. These papers will serve as a reference that I can point people to.

I began writing these over a year ago, before I had access to the kernel code. I liked to believe that it wasn't such a problem, yet with hindsight it was. The OpenSolaris project and being able to read through kernel code, has really made writing these documents possible!

04 December, 2005

Advanced DTrace Video

To see Bryan Cantrill speak about various advanced DTrace topics, see the recent SOSUG (Sydney OpenSolaris User Group) videos that Alan organised to have put online. You'll also find a ZFS presentation by James.

In other news, I just uploaded the DTraceToolkit version 0.89, which has had a few changes to the way TCP is measured.