27 January, 2006

checkcable 0.95

checkcable has been updated. It now uses the Perl library Sun::Solaris::Kstat again, where possible. The first version did this for all cards, but the Kstat data wasn't reliable and sadly I had to wrap ndd instead (boring!).

If you haven't seen it before, checkcable produces the following output,
   # checkcable
Interface Link Duplex Speed AutoNEG
hme0 UP FULL 100 ON

It has been written to support dmfe, bge, ce, rtls, ge, hme, and a few others. It occasionally gets updated to support extra cards (see the HISTORY list). Many people have emailed me about this program over the years - thanks for your support. If you do send me updates to the code, please follow the style. These days I'm following "Perl Best Practices" by O'Reilly (yes Mark, you've guilted me into it :-).

In similar news, Alan has been working on bringing Kstat.pm into the OpenSolaris build, which all of my Sun::Solaris::Kstat tools use. Thank you Alan!

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