25 April, 2006

Learn DTrace @ London

During the past five years I've delivered many training events across Australia and Asia; however this will be my first event in Europe.

I will be delivering two 3-day classes near the London area (Egham), from June 7th-9th and June 12th-14th, 2006. The website is here, and seats are currently available (but won't be forever).

These are special classes that will cover not only DTrace, but most importantly the "DTrace Mentality" - strategies used to tackle problems, and a workshop of mystery problems to practice on. I'll also discuss the DTraceToolkit and other performance tools.

There are currently no plans to run these classes again, so as far as I know - this is it.

I'm really looking forward to these events. And beforehand, please think of what problems have stumped you in the past on Solaris - especially statistics that you were unable to measure, so that you can ask me in person. If I can't answer it, I'll try to write the script that can. And if the script is useful, it may end up in the DTraceToolkit!

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