17 February, 2008

Browsable DTraceToolkit

Stefan Parvu has created browsable HTML versions of the DTraceToolkit on the DTT test page. See DTraceToolkit ver 0.99 to browse that version.

A goal of the DTraceToolkit is to provide documented examples of DTrace scripting, in addition to what is available in the DTrace Guide. However these examples have been reaching a limited audience of those who download, unzip, and browse through the text files.

Now that the DTraceToolkit is browsable online, its contents can be found by internet search engines. This should help people not only find examples of DTrace usage, but also solutions to some common observability problems.

There have been a few other items of DTraceToolkit news which I'll blog about soon. Please excuse my infrequent blog postings - I've been busy since joining Sun on a particular project which consumes most of my spare time. It will be worth it, which should be clear once I can start posting about it on my Sun blog.

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