04 January, 2006

3d Photos

I've uploaded new photos to my website, including some of San Francisco and the Grand Canyon. I've also uploaded a few 3d anaglyphs (red/cyan glasses) taken at Beijing,

I created these anaglyphs using the freeware tool AnaBuilder, and are available in full resolution (downsampling anaglyphs can sometimes cause odd JPEG artifacts). Anaglyphs may give way to autostereo displays in the future (no glasses required), or even VR displays if they ever take of, so keep hold of the original left/right pair. In the meantime anaglyphs are fine.

Hopefully I'll inspire others to try 3d photography. :-)


Riky said...

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Jimmy said...

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fred davis said...

hey brendan,

these are great. i particularly like the courtyard image. no pun intended but the haze really adds a lot of atmosphere and also a certain serenity. i would love to see your grand canyon shots as anaglyphs if they exist.

sorry i can't offer you some gambling tips or vacation discounts.

take care.